Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Going Going Gone ! Sold to the lowest bidder

This is an Email sent to WKNI TV 25 from a viewer, This viewer has researched some of the information that was aired back when Eddie Knight brought this out to the community, The question remains, How much are the people of our community worth, This website seems to say to the business world, Come to Covington County........ We work for less............. Do we see a yellow smiley face bouncing around slashing prices ? Thanks CCED ........ We be the sweat and blood of your growth... We do it cheaper .........

Below is the email with links included please check these links out yourself, The Truth is..........

from http://www.southalabamaed.com/index3d5f.html?view=176"Over fifty aviation companies conduct business within the South Alabama Triangle Area. This is the result of many years of aviation growth that involves both military and commercial activities. Virtually all of the nation’s military rotor wing training is done in this area. A strong commercial aviation industry has thrived in the region. In order to serve these facilities, two college campuses dedicated solely to aviation (in Mobile and Ozark) ensure that a steady supply of trained aviation labor is available. Avionics, A&P certification and maintenance curriculums are maintained. The Sate of Alabama offers free worker training through Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT). This award winning state service has been used by all the primary aerospace facilities in Alabama including: Boeing, Sikorsky, Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Pemco, Dyncorp and many others. As a result, the “South Alabama Aviation Triangle” offers a competitive wage advantage to prospective or existing industries considering an expansion. Wages for high demand aviation job descriptions all average between fifteen to twenty-five percent less than other parts of the country. In addition, the State of Alabama is committed to its aerospace industries and offers many financing and tax incentives to ensure that aerospace companies operate profitably."Emphasis mine.SO the lesson is indeed what you said, way back when: "Come to Covington County and pay the local yokels less than what you can pay anywhere else." What is so amazin' is that this is our own "County Fathers" putting this out. Look at who is on this commission http://www.southalabamaed.com/index4fe6.html?view=196,197,198,199Mayors, Bankers, CEOs, and then click on "Wage Advantage" http://www.southalabamaed.com/index4945.html?view=181 and they give you a specific list of how much less you have to pay the yokels:
5-State Average Includes: Boca Raton, FL; Dallas, TX; Hartford, CT; Seattle, WA; Wichita, KS.NOW remember that a median salary is the middle point, NOT the average!!!! SO when the mayor says "We are not talking about minimum wage jobs either. We are talking about starting pay at $16 and on up to $35 per hour." See, Andalusia Star News, 6/3/06, http://www.andalusiastarnews.com/articles/2006/06/03/commentary/other%20views/556opin.txt ,he is full of ........................matter because his own Economic Commission web site is telling the aviation industry they can get a "competive advantage" by coming to Covington County.Pretty bad.

Friday, October 20, 2006


The Second half brings Red Level out hyped and raring to go. Choctaw has the ball at 3rd & 3. They run the ball for a 1st down. They are now 3rd & 10 with Red level all over them.
Red Level calls a time out with Choctaw at 4th down Choctaw kicks and it’s good making the score, Choctaw 17- Red Level 6.
End of 3rd quarter the score is still 17-6 with Red Level in possession of the ball on the goal line. TOUCHDOWN REDLEVEL!! The score Red Level 14- Choctaw 17.

Red Level is moving down the field one 1st down after another. TOUCHDOWN RED LEVEL!!! With 5:04 left in the game, The score is Red Level 21- Choctaw 17.
4:41 Red Level regains the ball.at the Red Level 30 yard line. Time out called by Choctaw.
Final Sore RED LEVEL 28- Choctaw 17. GREAT GAME RED LEVEL!!!!!!!!!


Red Level vs. Choctaw Within the first 5 minutes of the first quarter, Choctaw made the first score making the score 6-0 Choctaw. With 1 minute left in the first quarter, Red Level made their presence known and tied the game at 6-6.

This has been a tough game so far, with 2 minutes left in the second quarter, the game is still tied Red Level 6-Choctaw 6.

One minute left in the first half, Choctaw has the ball with just a couple of yards from the goal, and will they score? There were questions on it but yes they did. Brining the score to
Choctaw 14- Red Level 6. So with Half time here the score is 14-6 Choctaw

Friday, October 13, 2006


Halftime came with the score tied at 14-14.
Third quarter came and both teams were ready to go.
Andalusia was the first to score 5 minutes into the quarter bringing the score to 21-14 Bulldogs. The warhawks didn't waste alot of time before they scored but missing their extra point, they brought the score to 21-20 Bulldogs still in the lead.
Fourth quarter, with about 5 minutes left in the game, Bulldogs did it again. Bringing the score to 27-20.


The bulldogs have made the trek to Daleville with the purpose of winning.
Within the first 10 minutes of play, the bulldogs had already scored. By the end of the first quarter, the Bulldogs had a score of 14- warhawks 7. They are fighting hard tonight. Go Bulldogs!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Another Great game for the Andalusia Bulldogs. An exciting game! These young men work hard and work good together.
Playing the Trinity Wildcats, this game has been back and forth all night. First to score in the 1st quarter was the Bulldogs.
Into the 2nd quarter, Trinity makes their way onto the scoreboard tying the score at 7-7.
Halftime found both teams tied.
3rd Andalusia scored again making the score 14-7 but shortly there after Trinity jumped in there scoreing again. Bulldogs fought back and scored again bringing the score up to 21-14 Bulldogs.
Trinity didn't wait long and jumped ahead making the score 22-21.
Final score Trinity Wildcats 22-Andalusia Bulldogs 21.
Great Game Bulldogs!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


DTF along with the Sheriffs Dept ABC board and other agencies found this small planted section of marijuana in the National Forrest off of hwy 137 south of Carolina. The Weed was pulled up by agents and taken to a location and burned. No suspects have been arrested at this time, However the charges will be federal according to Sheriff A. Clark of Covington County.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Only 9 mines into 3rd quarter, the Bulldogs Score! Bringing the score to Bulldogs 12-Panthers 7.
Both teams are fighting hard for a win. Only time will tell.
8:48 in 3rd quarter, Panthers score with pat good. Panther’s 14- Bulldogs 12. This seems to be more of a running game tonight rather than passing.
End of third quarter… Panthers 14- Bulldogs 12. These are two tough teams. This has been an exciting game.
TOUCHDOWN ANDALUSIA!!!!! A 95-yard attempt. Good job Bulldogs! Score…. Bulldogs 19-Panthers 14. minutes left in the game.
Panthers have the ball and are working their way down the field. 2nd & 3. Flag on the play-pass interference on the bulldogs. Touchdown Geneva with a flag on the play. Illegal motion on panthers. Pass attempt incomplete with 3&15. Pass incomplete again bringing a 4th & 15 Geneva. Touchdown Geneva PAT incomplete making score Panthers 20- Andalusia 19.
With 2 minutes left to play, both teams are fighting hard. It has been an exciting game.
Final score…Panthers 20-Andalusia 19. GREAT Game! Both Teams Fought very hard.
Stay tuned to WKNI TV 25 for highlights of tonight’s game.

Andalusia Bulldogs vs Geneva Panthers

Andalusia Bulldogs are facing tough competion tonight in the Geneva Panthers.
It was 2nd quarter before either team scored, Geneva were 1st to score making the score 7-0 Panthers. Midway through the 2nd quarter, Andalusia scored a touchdown. Their extra point was no good. At Halftime- Geneva Panthers-7, Andalusia Bulldogs-6.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The All NEW WKNI TV 25

WKNI is getting a face lift, NEW programing and New coverage and signal. Please let us know how it looks at you home. There should be NO Rolling and No snow. Audio should be clear. Call us @ 427-8825 or email us at tv25@wkni.net Lets all welcome Family Net to our area !